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      Founded in 1992, the Great Wall Biochemical Engineering Co.; Ltd. was the earliest company to produce natural tartaric acid. Due to the limitation of tartar, since 2000, our company has started to produce synthetic tartaric acid and developed various tartrate products. In 2012, we were committed to the research and development of the process lines of malic acid as well as malate to enrich the diversity of our products.
      The company is located in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic circle and has distinct location advantages with only 100 km from Capital Airport and 200km from Tianjin Port. A number of advanced production systems that we own have given the company a leading position in the industry. With many products used in the industries of food, medicine, electronics, architecture and wine, our company is selling products to many countries and maintaining stable and long-term relationships with a wide range of clients.
      Our product qualities and production processes have been accredited by the main institutions of the world. The company adheres to science and technology as the primary productive force and therefore owns many invention patents and innovative technologies. By using green chemical technologies and environmentally friendly production methods to ensure the health of employees, we are aiming to pursue atomic economy and meet the maximum clients’ needs with the optimal industry practices and the minimum environmental costs.

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